beiber fever.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Last week I attended Never Say Never with some friends. It's been out forever and we made many plans to attend but something always seemed to come up. Well, needless to say I suffering from some strange kind of fever. It's a strange kind of obsession. You know the song on Hercules no no I won't say I'm in love? Well, that's how I feel. I don't want to admit it but I'm smitten. For some reason this infatuation makes me want to go to the nearest staples and get a life size doll of him and take him for walks and on romantic dates. I'd just tape an Ipod on the back so he can serenade me while we watch the sunset together. I know it's completely unhealthy so I'm trying my best to move on. So I've wrote him a letter in hope that I can break this fever of mine. I warn anyone who does not want to be stricken with this beiber fever to stay far far away from that movie.

Dear Justin,

Why are you sooooo dreamy? Why do you make me want to squeal like a pre teen and not stop screaming. Why does squealing feel like the only cure to show you how much I care? I am fighting it oh so much to not fall asleep dreaming of you singing, baaaaby baaaaby baaaaaby ohhhhhh, to me while we blissfully stroll hand in hand down the street. I try and put other cd's in my car but for some strange reason I can't eject the mp3 I made with your discography. Why did I make an mp3 of your discography? Why does my stomach lurch when I hear your name mentioned? Why do I spend hours googling images of you. Why do I suddenly really dislike Selena Gomez?? Why do I want to run my fingers through your luscious hair? Oh why do I dream of that pretty little face of yours.  Why? Why? Whyyyyyyyy? Can you write a song about that mister?? It's super unfair you do this to girls and WOMEN all over the world. It's pretty selfish don't ya think? That's it beibs. I'm sick of your selfishness. Honestly, you've done nothing but make me feel like one heck of a lonely girl. 

I'm done. DONE!


super high temperatured belieber (crazy my spell check came up on that word!)

ps. WHY did you make me do THIS!

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I am currently seeking help. So please, if you know of any ways to break this fever please don't hesitate to comment!!! I'm thinking it's time for a date or two :o)


AKutarna said...

Don't worry, there is no cure, but that is a GOOD THING!! Did you read about when Joe and i went and saw this movie? I'm not going to lie, I fell in love and so did Joe and we aren't afraid to admit it.

AKutarna said...

p.s. if you REALLY loved him, you would spell his last name right : ) hehe

Tina Wilde said...

hahah, seems like everyone that sees that movie is hooked. I think I'll stay away, being in love with celebrities is hard work. My heart has already been ripped to shreds....darn you, Christian Bale!!

Katelyn said...

I guess I should stay away from that movie. You haven't changed a bit Leba :)

jolene aneca said...

Leah you have problems!!! I know you are weird, but I didn't know you are THIS weird. I say you delete the post so not everyone finds out about your true weirdness :)

PamH said...

I'm not sure what to comment, though I am intrigued now to see this movie, and will probably also be a Beleiber after seeing it...but still not sure about that love need some dates for sure.

Trisha said...

LEAH!!!! I LOVE THIS!! This is exactly what I went through post Never Say Never. The day after I saw that movie I bought a justin Bieber shirt, and wore it for three days straight. My roommates told me over and over to take it off... but i wore it (and slept in it) nonetheless! I think I listened to all of his songs on repeat for days. I have since tried to get over him... but i just can't seem to do it. He appears on my twitter feed all of the time, and it makes me smile. Following Justin on twitter was the best thing I have ever done on the internet. Seriously. (if you are trying to get over him... you probably shouldn't do it!)
I have now decided that I can only listen to justin when I run. I run a lot more often now, and he motivates me. When I run, the time seems to fly by with thoughts of him filling my mind.... WOW!! i REALLY need to stop now!!! Ok. I am done. If I confess anymore bieber love, you will think I am crazy! You rock Leah! :)

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