so glad to be born.

Monday, April 18, 2011

I arrived home late last night after one long, sleep deprived, exhausing, AMAZING celebratory birthday weekend. I was sung to a plethora of times, ate food like it was going out of style and partied like it was 1988. I even purchased my own ice cream cake then brought it to a party for all my friends to eat with me. My favorite part was when they asked me what name I wanted on my cake at DQ, I simply asked "Can you just write, to me?" slight pause... "to you? ha for you? ha uhhh ya ya we can do that!" they all just continued to giggle and smile at me as they finished my cake. Maybe it was outta pity? I wondered if they thought I was just going home to eat my newly purchased present all by myself. 
What can I say? Some girls buy themselves size -4 clothes as presents to themselves... me? I prefer ice cream, cookies and fudge please!


PamH said...

Wicked cake, eh? Mom went all out that year. Must be b/c you were the youngest. That picture is actually backwards...weird how slides do's tripping me out!
And please let me fix your header, I keep forgetting to ask what you want me to change, b/c it's driving me crazy!

AKutarna said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY FRIEND!!! Did you get my message?

Katie Wood said...

I am exceedingly glad you were born! Tickled pink in fact!

jolene aneca said...

It is weird for me looking at this picture of you for some reason. In this pic you are turning the same age as Ozzy will be turning in a few weeks. And that is a wicked cake AND a wicked shirt.

arianne bieber said...

So Glad you were born!!! I can't wait to see you pretty lil face tomorrow : )

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