I got my baby BACK!

Thursday, November 24, 2011

ever write a post only to find it DELETED the next day? ya. that's the worst. you may not feel like writing it again but I do! ;o)

Something I don't do much cyber talking about is piano. I hit the jackpot with the best students everrrrr! Meet two of them. We took a break from lessons one day for a little shoot for a Christmas present for their Dad and Grandparents. Oh but trust me, they're used to me bossing them around ha

In other news I got my baby back baby back baby BACK! My camera had been sent away to nikon for repairs and I finally got it back last week. oh happy day!

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PamH said...

Aw, what cute sisters...love the skipping one. And love the little gumboots too! And love that you got your camera back.

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