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Thursday, February 9, 2012

I wish. I wish more then anything I had pictures of me helping my dad take his boots of for him when he got home from work or watching Saturday morning cartoons together. I even wish I had moments captured from when I so badly wanted to decapitate his pointer finger from poking me SO SO much. My dad was/IS like a little brother to whom I look up to so much and want his approval on so many things. Point is everyone holds onto different memories so close. The thought of these moments being caught in a photo or video are so so priceless. 

This video below is for my sister's husbands 30th birthday. It was the final gift after a week of birthday celebrating and I'm not sure who will cherish it more. Derick, Pam or their boys. Because what I wouldn't give to remember more clearly the moments of actual growing up.

I hope you get my stress of the so so so's that your kids will cherish more then anything the photo's of every day life. You and them both will love it more then the staged, posed, matchy matchy photo shoot. Yes. Kind of a weird thing for me to say... but I want to get a photo of the feeling of family. Does that make sense? Let's try again. Lifestyle. It's where it's at people! So let your kids make a mess of your house and when they do? CALL ME!  ;o)


Brooklyn Quinton said...

Soooo cute! Good job Leah!!

AKutarna said...


Kay said...

Cutest video ever Leah, you are good at what you do! Man that will be something seriously treasured.

PamH said...

Annnnnnd I have the best sister in the world. Until Jolene sees this, then you're. Oth the. bEst. ha ha. Still makes me cry!

Katelyn said...

I love it so much! Good job Leah!

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