Tycee + Connor :: engaged

Sunday, March 30, 2014

There are some people you meet and you just know they are great people. Tycee was one of those people for me when I first met her. When she messaged me about being engaged I was so excited for her! I only hoped her fiancé was as great as she was and he just so happened to be!

They are getting married on a day where I am already currently booked, but we still were able to get together for engagement pictures that are just some of my favorite images! Two bucket list items were checked. Pictures of a couple skating together and an indoor shoot. 

We shot at Hawrelak Park and Duchess Bakery ( which is ahhhmazing by the way) both in Edmonton. 

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Alida said...

I love all these photos so much.

and Tycee... what a freakin babe. Congrats to this good looking couple!

Lorns! You are the best!

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